"Drinking Alone With the Moon" is a renowned poem by 8th century Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai, considered one of the greatest poets to ever have lived. Recited here by Daniel Dae Kim, this film embraces the theme of circularity. It's about celebrating our traditions, arts and culture as Asians, paying homage to our ancestors and where we've come from, yet never allowing that to hold us back from pushing into new frontiers. There is no beginning and no end to who we are or what makes us -- it's a continuous, never-ending flow-state of energy, strength and pride -- we are both the old and the new. 

The film closes on the images of the narration we've heard in English, written out in full traditional Chinese calligraphy, followed by every AAPI face shown in the film as part of a huge street graffiti-style mural -- a symbol of past and present together as one.

This is a love letter to my Asian American heritage and my desire to push our culture forward.

Client: MTV
Project: AAPI Heritage Month "Drinking Alone With the Moon"
Production Company: Hound 

Voice-Over: Daniel Dae Kim 
Taiko Team: Bryan Yamami, Jen Baik, Jenny Mimura 
Stunt Rider: Alfred Hsing 
Car Model: Justin Mascorro
Car Model: Helen Vanle 
Car Model: Kiki Wongo 
Tai Chi Master: Gene Chen 
Dancer: Trishna Malick 
Dancer: Nicholas “Kapua” Arrivas 
Graffiti Artist: Sei Shimura 
Calligrapher: Gan Fu Zhong 

Jason White: CMO, MTV Entertainment Group 
Amy Campbell: EVP, Brand Creative 
Deva Newman: SVP, Brand Creative Editorial
Joyeux Noel: VP & Executive Producer, Brand Creative Editorial 
Christopher Williams: Executive Creative Director, Brand Creative Editorial 
Rosa White: Creative Director, Brand Creative Editorial 
Sundi Lofty: Creative Director, Brand Creative Editorial
Suzana Ognjanovic: Senior Producer, Brand Creative Editorial 
Thomas Berger: SVP, Brand Creative Design
Pamela Brill: VP, Design Production, Brand Creative Design
Tim Livezey: VP, Motion Design, Brand Creative Design
Carli Malec: Creative Director, Brand Creative Design
Kelly McCrossin: Producer, Brand Creative Design
Kate Lee: Motion Designer, Brand Creative Design

Director: Nicholas Lam 
EP’s: Missy Galinda, Isaac Rice 
Producer: Andrea Saavedra 
Production Manager: Nataly Arroyo 
1st AD: Jason Lombardo 
2nd AD: Ray Harper 
Director Shadow: Jensen Vinca 
Director of Photography: Kai Saul
1st AC: Nicolas "Nico" Martin 
2nd AC: Alan Certeza
Camera PA: Brendan Yoo
Steadicam: Jun Li 
DIT: Skylar Smith 
Drone Pilots: Travis Geske, Mike Grambush 
Gaffer: Drew Moe
BBE: Matt Hill 
Electric: Kari Swanson
Electric: Monique Fernandez-Castro 
Key Grip: Sergio Silva 
BBG: Robby Dulany 
Grip: Daniel Kreuziger 
Grip Intern: Uriel Uribe 
Production Designer: Francesca Maldonado 
Art Director: Justin Bohorquez 
Casting Director & Culture Consultant: Xiao Liu Winter 
Stylist: Kentaro Kameyama 
HMU: Tilomai Hill 
Craft Service: Whitney Smith 
Stunt Coordinator: Heather Bonomo  
Safety Consultant: Adam Atalla 
Truck PA: Kevin Pilar
Set PA: Ryan Davis 
Set PA: Damian Arroyo 
Set PA: Robert Blair 
Set PA: Dalton Skalla 

Editor/Online: Nicholas Lam
Music Composer: Christopher Tin 
Music Producer: Alex Williamson
SFX Design/Mix: Denis Kilty 
ADR Producer: Andrew Lane 
ADR Engineer: Paris Shenae 
ADR Assistant: Ricky Stokes 
VFX House: The Frender 
VFX Supervisor: Max Colt 
Color House: Company 3 
Color Producer: Matt Moran
Colorist: Stephen Nakamura 

Special Thanks To: Chris Lee, Michelle Sugihara, Kenji Sumino, Greddy Performance, Ernie Fixmer, Sam Mitani, Eddie Kim, Blake Rice, CEEC, LXVWA