Artist: Last Second Chance
Song: You Are The One
Production Company: Anthem Films
Director | Editor: Nicholas Lam
Producer: Daniel Cummings
Supervising EP's: Djay Brawner, Blake Greenbaum
Head of Production: Amy Silliman
General Manager: Nicole Swedlow
DP: Mike Reyes

2nd Unit: Paisley Zerr
Production Design: Kym Ochoa
Art Director: Sam Matheson

Hair/Makeup: Caroline Ljusterdal
Casting: Sarah-May Levy

Color: Kris Smale @ MPC
Special shoutout for their support: Ryan Meyer of Heywhatsyourface, Jay and Michel Krymis of Padre, Rebecca Boorsma and Elyse Robinson of MPC, Ajay Gosh of Partos, Greg Loomis, Michael Rosenfield, Beatriz and Eddie Hernandez